Eric Plaag and Matt Smith

Who Are We?

TheSplitScreen is the brainchild of Eric Plaag and Matt Smith, two film buffs who met in Columbia, SC, but now reside in separate parts of the great southeast. Their friendship has included many hours spent talking in highfalutin’ terms about films while downing cheap beer or gin in really seedy bars, usually with karaoke artistes wailing in the background.

Eric Plaag is a writer, photographer, historian, and occasional filmmaker who resides permanently in Boone, NC, with his wife, his son, and their overweight Maine Coon lounge cat, Miss Cleo. You can follow more of Eric’s exploits at his photography blog, Ineffable Light, or at his historical consulting website.

(Eric Plaag)

Matt Smith has been watching movies since long before he can remember.  He has his MA in Film and Media Studies from Emory University and is a doctoral student in Moving Image Studies at Georgia State University.  Aside from writing for this site, Matt spends a lot of his time watching and reading about silent films, early animation, animated industrial film, German cinema, and explicit representations of the human body on screen (horror and avant-garde films, mostly), and reading a lot about motion picture preservation and archiving. Matt wrote briefly for The California Literary Review and appears most weeks on the movie podcast The Film Find. Follow Matt on Twitter: @matt_boyd_smith

(Matt Smith)

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